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Mittal Craftworks

You always wanted to buy beautiful and rocking hand-crafted metal products such as pure Copper bottles & tumblers, or pure Copper jugs and carafes, mule mugs, vases, candle-stands, photo-frames and more, but could never get your hands on the right ones?

Well, right here in Indore, we have a rocking company - 
Mittal Craftworks - which manufactures handcrafted metal products including bottles, pitchers, tumblers, jugs, carafes, mule mugs, beer mugs, ice buckets, wine coolers, tubs, and home-decor items such as mirrors, vases, candle-stands, photo-frames, et al !! And almost all these things are crafted in real Silver, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, and various other metals on which crafting by hands is possible !! Their products are available under the brands - Copperkraft and Serranto !!

The company proudly manufactures its art and craft metal wares on the Malwa Plateau, just near Indore, using the priceless skills of artisans and craftsmen from the region and from various parts of India !! They make their wares for exports to various countries and for the vast domestic market of our incredible India !! We also love the fact they write on their packaging "Proudly Made in India" along with the Indian flag !! So cool !! Mittal Craftworks has a display showroom too, in Indore !! 

Some of their products are also available to buy on various marketplaces including, FlipkartAmazon India, Amazon USA, Paytm, Shopclues, etc. !! Happy shopping......or window-shopping !!

Goa Rocks !!!

Who doesn't go to Goa, or who doesn't wish to go to Goa?? No one !! Only because Goa Rocks !!!

Check out Goa Rocks !!! X (twitter) handle or other soc-med handles for getting your hands on Goa's Most Rocking guide for the best restaurants, pubs, cafés, hotels, clubs, events, attractions, food-festivals, deals, fests, cinemas,  shops, & more !!