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On India’s Independence Day – August 15, 2013 – Indoreans have a rocking gift: launch of Indore's most eagerly awaited website - www.IndoreRocks.com !!!

Indoreans have been looking forward to Indore Rocks’ website as the most authentic website with real, detailed, & dynamic information of city’s ever-growing hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, cinemas, events, and even attractions, catering to all tastes and budgets !!

Indore Rocks delivers up to the minute information and authentic reviews on the commercial & entertainment capital of Madhya Pradesh state in India, totally free !!

Even before the launch of the website, Indore Rocks has been the ultimate resource for visitors and Indoreans alike to find everything they need about what to do and see in Indore, in the form of a Facebook Page since 2009 !! This Page has now got more than 31,000 active users (at the time of the launch of this website), growing everyday, and much more than any other Page on Indore !!

Indore Rocks prides itself on its independence !! Unlike many others, we are not associated or tied to a publishing house or tourist board !! Therefore, we are able to guarantee unbiased, insightful, original, and compelling information on what’s rocking (and what’s not) in Indore !!

The users would rate all hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, cinemas, events, and attractions in Indore, based on their likings, and would also be able to post photos of each such joint, like it, review it, or put it on his/her wish-list !!

On social-media platforms, Indore Rocks is very active and has a rapidly growing following on Twitter, FourSquare, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, & Google+, besides its Facebook Page !!

Indore Rocks would continue to provide latest unbiased information to Indoreans & visitors, and would keep adding ways to improvise its offering !!

Keep your finger on the pulse of Indore by starting your day with a visit to the Indore Rocks website !!

In Indore, We Rock !!

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