Harsh Mehta

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Aspi & Co.

Category: Restaurant
Location: Race Course Road
Title: pathetic
Posted On: March 23, 2016



My experience :-
I am a regular for last 10 years at aspi . As it happened an hour before I asked for a bottle of mirchina .on asking for a cold bottle the owner of the shop insulted me publicly saying they are not fools to sell soda and then ice..blah blah .my language was very soft however his tone kept increasing . Respecting the age of the person I walked out of the shop calmly but now I realise that instead of purchasing a glass of soda i paid him for insulting me publicly . 
Well its nice to have a good product but you can not insult a decade old customer simply because he asked if they keep cold bottle.....god knows how such a rude owner can manage an almost century old brand and legacy....