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Indian Companies with the Best Marketing Strategies
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India, when the name crops in one’s mind it is all about colorful and festive mood. And the same can be experienced through Indian companies with the best marketing strategies. And, why not, India is better-called ‘Full of Opportunities’ land because of its expanded ideas, big investments, and global trends. It’s all about going urbane with native ideas and thoughts. 

With 41% of Indians found online. The social media genre encrypts the largest amount of online surfacers through this nation. Thanks to improving digital infrastructure that is growing in rural India too for better engrossment in this trendy media. And so through this blog, I will walk you through the brands which are considered as the best social media marketers. 

But, before that, I’ll like to share some important stats that will make you say- Ohh so Indian has become more social freak than before. 

What are the X-factors that Social Media Platform Provide? 

1. Focus on Social Trends 

While technology continues to enjoy an upper hand to progress and advance business. Few of the owners are still inclined to choose the traditional way for the business. So, choose the social way and always be the prime racer of this. To make this happen, you can: 

  • Follow key influencers and publications on social media 
  • Listen to/Watch podcasts and video 
  • Subscribe to top business blogs 
  • Utilize your networks 
  • Take advantage of training opportunities

2. Pep-up Interactivity 

Social Media is always celebrated like a festival in India. Take British Airways, ‘Fuelled by Love’, a story about an airline stewardess discovering India. Or for instance, Amul is the leading brand for dairy products in the country. Through its social campaigns, it celebrates every instance (both good and bad) that takes place in the country. And it also mentioned some of the international festivals and happening for wider reach (across international borders). 

3. Helps to convert Interaction into Transaction 

Remember, your social media content should speak out the message that your business needs to deliver. Remember the sales funnels that you keep on discussing. Starting from- awareness to evaluation and then final purchase. You need to keep these three things in mind for social campaigns also. 

4. Considering Social Values 

Social media values are the main rolling wheels of your marketing campaign that will make it successful. You should always encourage social values or the trends that will tame your postings and campaigns to reach greater heights. So, let’s counts upon some of the values that today’s creative Indian brands are focussing it. Less focus on vanity metrics, video story is the king, prepare better for social media segmentations, incorporate social shopping that incorporates social platform, and more.  

Top Brands that are Great Over Social Media: 

1. Netflix 

According to recent news, Netflix is one of the leading Indian companies with the best marketing strategies. Netflix and chill’ have now become a top-notch part of pop-culture. Netflix is said to report Indian subscribers rose to 2.0 million. Its success can be credited to the brand’s online marketing strategies. And, innovative campaigns like viral ‘smart socks’ campaign. 

2. Zomato 

After understanding the importance of social media marketing, I must list down the most creative Indian brands that are most talked about- for their stories, their themes, and their interaction with the human psyche. If you are a foodie like me, you can very well understand what I’m talking about. It has been seen that Zomato has been engaging it, customers, through flavorful contests and games. Zomato picks trendy topics and posts simple images to interact with viewers online. 

3. Amul 

Creative branding agency in India has extremely helped Amul to become what it has become today. Starting from milk to butter and other varied dairy products. Amul’s tropical posts have been delighting the Indian audience for down the years now. The famous mascot of Amul (Utterly-Butterly Delicious) with a blue-haired girl and polka dress has been reflecting India’s social, political, and cultural evolvement. Be it a national and international issue. Amul is always ready to assist. 

4. Parle G 

The most amazing and crisp complimentary biscuits that we all know since our childhood days are Parle G. A veteran in the biscuit industry. Parle G is also showing ways to use social media for brand awareness. Being counted among the Indian companies with the best marketing strategies. This brand has leveraged its biscuit’s popularity in their posts. Thus creates highly engaging content for their audience. 

5. Sabyasachi 

Do you adore the latest designs and apparel from the Sabyasachi brand? Why not, along with its latest and intricate designs to powerful social media marketing. Sabyasachi has acquired the most luxurious space in today’s fashion industry. Being headed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, one of the top fashion designers in the industry. The aced brands also take more acknowledgment in creating lots of naive stories and TV shows that will peak more clients across the globe. And so, there is no doubt in claiming that this is one of the creative Indian brands which today’s youth look forward to adorn and enjoy. 

Well, these are surely the leading Indian companies with the best marketing strategies that know how to engage their customers, convince their brands (products/services), and finally convert them into their potential clients. 

A salute to all creative Indian brands and leading creative branding agency in India that has brought a new revolution of good purchase through social media. 

How to become socially famous? 

Social media marketing never stays still and it cannot, considering the continuous change in trends. In this scenario, it’s pretty obvious that social media strategies shall alter now and then. 

So to start with social media strategy, it is a blueprint of all the goals, steps, processes required for social media marketing of a business. It is the layout, a step by step plan to achieve your ultimate social media marketing aim. So, this the plan that you may seek after you contact some brands which are considered as the best social media marketers. Let’s count the important points that your social media marketing plan should contain: 

1. Be Unique

On the off chance that you take a gander at mainstream internet based life stars, you’ll notice that every one of them found a particular specialty to concentrate on. Regardless of whether it’s being an incredible player of computer games or a specialist on style and magnificence, find that theme that you truly are enthusiastic about and can give master guidance that will make individuals need to tail you.

2. Analyze Influencer Marketing

About each online advertiser attempts to connect with a prominent influencer. They are uncontrolled all over the place, be it Twitter or LinkedIn. Influencers make a solid effect on watchers making influencers showcasing the following best internet based life promoting methodology. 

As indicated by the 2019 GlobalWebIndex study, clients following social influencers center more around the nature of substance instead of the influencer measure of ‘likes’. 

3. Be Entertaining 

A comparable quality among well-known internet based life stars is that they’re amusing to watch. Simply seeing somebody play a computer game isn’t especially fascinating, yet with incredible analysis, interesting jokes, and accommodating bits of knowledge, you’re probably going to need to tail them. 

4. Privacy and Security 

 Security is significant when a client begins seeing how his information is utilized. There is expanded utilization of ‘dim social’ whereby clients convey and share private messages, messages, and so on. 

The coming years will ascend as 84% of buyer’s outbound sharing from sites is secretly done using dull social. So to build up your online life methodology, comprehend and submit to protection concerns.

5. Engage with your Audience

Well, it’s all happening (the planning process) for your audience. On the off chance that you need to get renowned, reacting to remarks and making recordings or photograph shoots dependent on crowd demands assists with making you look receptive. 

Become a Social Media Star

Let me remind you something that the leading social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, TokTok, YouTube are the tools that all Indian companies with the best marketing strategies use and bring out better results. There is just a slight difference that other social media agencies ignore is that they only use the tool. But the expert team will also work about story creating and leveraging real-time engagements with the customers. 

So, always go forth with the best digital marketing agency that has a good portfolio and exclusive team to churn their talents for the uplifting of your brand.
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