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Dinosaur Adventure & Fossil Park

Address: Dinosaur Adventure and Fossil Park, 291/1, Village Sulibardi, near kakda kho, Mandu, Mandavgarh, Dhar, MP, India - 454010

Area / Landmark: Mandu

Contact Us: +91-7611122266, 8305472636, 7506948490

Category Attraction
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Railway Station: 85.00 km
Bus Stand: 85.00 km
Airport: 82.00 km

About Attraction

Step into a prehistoric world at the Dinosaur Adventure & Fossil Park and Resort, Madhya Pradesh's premier dinosaur fossil museum and a haven for thrilling entertainment !! 

Nestled just 4 km from the historic Mandu (Mandavgarh), this destination offers a unique weekend escape for both the young and the young at heart !! With fossils dating back to an astonishing 65 million years, the park has captivated visitors worldwide, showcasing the natural wonders excavated from the rich soils of the Narmada basin !! Here, you can marvel at the remains of ancient starfish, dinosaur eggs, and more !!

The park isn't just about the past; it's a blend of adventure and relaxation with its host of attractions:

Astro Park: Stargaze and explore the cosmos
Rock Garden: A geological showcase of nature's artistry
Amphitheatre: Where history and performances come alive
Musical Stones: Discover the melody of minerals
Adventure Rides: For the thrill-seekers
Swiss Cottage Room Stay: Comfort meets nature
Valley Facing Gazebos: Serenity with a view
Cafeteria/Restaurant: Delightful flavours in an extraordinary setting

India's rich Cretaceous heritage comes to life at this park, once home to the majestic Rajasaurus Narmadensis, a true relic of Gondwana's grand past !! The museum at Dinosaur Fossil Park is a treasure trove, featuring some of the rarest fossils, including the largest petrified tree fossil found in India !! These inter-trappean fossils unravel the mysteries of early life, offering insights into the evolution of our planet !!

For an immersive journey through time amidst scenic vistas and a touch of natural history, the Dinosaur Adventure & Fossil Park is your ideal weekend destination !! Witness history preserved at the Narmada basin's unique museum setup and let the ancient world unfold before your eyes !!


Embark on a prehistoric journey at the Dinosaur Adventure & Fossil Park and Resort, nestled on the scenic Dhar-Mandav Road, close to the enchanting Kakda Kho waterfalls !! This marvel of natural history is open for exploration from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM every day of the week !! Delve into ancient mysteries at the museum, welcoming visitors from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM daily !!

Important Notice: We cherish and protect our natural heritage !! Guests are kindly reminded to treat all exhibits, fossils, and park properties with the utmost respect and care !! Please be aware, any damage to these precious pieces of our planet's history, or to the park and resort facilities, will incur a penalty !! The responsible party will be charged a fine for any such damages. Let's preserve history together with care and responsibility !!

Swiss Cottage tents at Dinosaur Adventure Park, a touch of luxury in Mandu (Mandavgarh) !!

Each Swiss Tent boasts a spacious bedroom, an attached washroom & shower, and a changing area, plus fully furnished cabinets for your convenience !! Experience comfort in the air-conditioned and well-appointed Swiss cottages !!

Privileged guests enjoy access to Wi-Fi and can relax in beautiful gazebos perched on the cliff's edge, offering mesmerising valley views !! Embrace the unique blend of natural beauty and comfort during your stay !!

Includes :
- Fully Air conditioned Swiss Cottages
- Free Wi-Fi Internet Accessibility
- DTH T.V. & more

for Bookings: CLICK here !!

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Distance From :
Railway Station: 85.00 km
Bus Stand: 85.00 km
Airport: 82.00 km

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