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Chappan Dukan (56 Shops)

Address: New Palasia, Indore, India - 452001

Area / Landmark: New Palasia /Chappan Dukan

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Category Attraction
Distance From
Railway Station: 2.00 km
Bus Stand: 2.50 km
Airport: 9.00 km

About Attraction

Chappan Dukan (56 Shops) is a must-visit place for all foodies where you can find all street food, namkeens (Indian snacks), and other food/noon-food items !! This street is famous for delicious & cheap snacks and sweets of Indore !! Right from 6:00 AM everyday when the Indore's ubiquitous breakfast Pohaa is served at various shops, till late in the evenings (around 10:00 PM) !! This market is abuzz with a huge variety of items - you can have many types of snacks, chaat, sweets, foods, hotdog (banjos), momos, and hot & cold drinks such as coffees, teas, milkshakes, juices, etc., all at one place !!

Three of the famous Indian sweets makers of Indore - Agrawal Sweets, Madhuram Sweets, and Gangaur Sweets - have their big outlets here !!  

The mornings and days are business-as-usual, and evenings are happening and colourful as when youngsters, singles, couples, and families keep hopping from one food joint to the other, savouring their favourite foods !! Then, for the enjoyment of kids, there are various options including pony-rides, camel-rides, small swings, balloon shooting, etc., which keep changing from time to time !! There are a whole lot of convenience shops too, here !! 

You might wonder why has this place been named as Chappan Dukan, which literally means 56 shops !! Originally, when the market started, there were actually 56 shops here and thus the name !! However, as time passed by, some of the retailers sold their shops to the ones next-door, who wanted to make their shops bigger !! Even today, if you count the number of pillars between the shops, you'll actually see that there are exactly 56 shops !! 

Now, the foodie & convenience market is not confined to just these shops on the main street, but has also extended in the area behind and around these original shops - the whole area being called as Chappan Dukan (56 Shops) !! Below is the list of some of the eating joints and Indian sweetmeat shops (mithai) present there:

* Rollacosta
* Cakes 365
* Rolls Mania
Pizza World
Jumbo King
Dosa Centre
* Café Yummy
* Tibb's Frankie 
* Johny Hot Dog
* Agrawal Sweets
* Gangour Sweets
TAB - Taste a Bite
Vijay Chaat House 
* New Chappan Bhog 
* Milap - the Paan Destination 

Madhuram Sweets & Namkeen
and many more........................

Adjoining or very close to Chappan Dukan (56 Shops) are the following hotels, restaurants, cafés:

* Hotel Kanchan Tilak and its restaurants The Roof and Impression 
* Hotel Sapphire Star and its restaurant Taas Greens
Slice Square & Ice Balls 
Udipi King Express
* Mangosteen Café   
* Mama Loca

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Location & Other Details

Distance From :
Railway Station: 2.00 km
Bus Stand: 2.50 km
Airport: 9.00 km

User Rating & Reviews

Mohini Pawar April 05, 2020
 "Great place for foodies"
In chappan huge variety of food items are available...Foodies like this place..I like most in chappan is Johnny hotdog, Benjo,..Khopra patties is famous in vijay chaat…In Sagar gaire cheese pasta and paneer stuffed kulcha..Many varieties of snacks, Chinese and south indian.dishes is available.  Good place to pass time with family and friends. Better then Sarafa market as this place is more spacious.
Witty_Prags July 02, 2019
 "Food paradise "
It's a must visit of you are in Indore and would love to come again and again.
vishal thakur April 18, 2015
 "heart of indore"
the place for the people who luv food there is all type of things available like poha jalebi imarti veg nonveg hot dogs rolls mumos icecream faluda gola sweets namkeen snacks pani puri u u luved that place its called its 56 dukan
Shalini April 05, 2015
 "Masala dishes!!"
This is where u will find every kind of dishes containing mostly fast foods. U can enjoy full night having these spices.
Yashraj Dhillon July 23, 2014
 "A foodies heaven !!"
Chhappan is probably the most famous area in Indore and arguably even in Madhya Pradesh.

The atmosphere and liveliness of this area is something which has to be seen to be believed.

Starting with the world famous Johnny Hot Dogs which are basically burgers with mutton or eggs in it. The simplicity of this dish adds more to the mystery of its taste. Nowhere else in the world have I seen anyone make this or come even close to replicating it. The price is extremely reasonable and the method of cooking and serving is very hygienic. Absolutely the best shop and the best food at chhappan.

Then you have shops like young tarang where you can get some good poha for breakfast coupled with hot sweet jalebis and a hot cup of tea.

Shops like madhuram are famous for their sweets and the Indore shikanji, which is nothing like the shikanji you get anywhere else in India. It's extremely sweet, made with milk and cream and has dry fruits in it.

The paan shops and coffee shops are always busy with youngsters.

The pani puri stalls at the back side of chhappan opposite fyi and the chinese centre serve probably the best pani-puri, dahi-puri and bhel in Indore. Very reasonably priced and extremely tasty.

All in all this place comprising of 56 shops is a heaven for people who love to eat or love to have a snack or two and spend their evenings with friends or family.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and the shops stay open till late. 

Chhappan is a place that must be visited by all Indoris and tourists atleast once. The place is like a magnet and keeps pulling you back for more.

First place recommended to visit if you drop into town on a trip and want somewhere to start with.