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Address: Rajwada, near Krishnapura Chhatris, Indore, MP, India - 452002

Area / Landmark: Rajwada /Krishnapura Chhatris

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Distance From
Railway Station: 4.00 km
Bus Stand: 4.00 km
Airport: 8.00 km

About Attraction

City’s iconic and most prominent structure, the one that represents Indore even in the modern world, is not just another historic monument ! It has a great saga behind it and is like a legacy of the Holkar dynasty that has been passed on through the ages ! To showcase the glorious history of Indore, Malwa, and Holkar dynasty, MP Tourism is beginning from May 16, 2015, a fabulous light and sound show, graced by the rich and deep baritone of India's biggest superstar - Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, or as the world calls him - Big B !! The show is expected to be held everyday at 8 pm, for 30 minutes, and the charges for the same would be ₹200/person !!

The original Rajwada, built in 1747 by the founder of the Holkar dynasty - Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar I (reign: 1732 – 1766) - was completely destroyed in an attack in 1801 !  After the treaty of Mandsaur in 1818, the present day Rajwada, a majestic and imposing structure, with a magnificent seven-storied gateway in front, was constructed by Malhar Rao Holkar II (reign: 1811 – 1833) at a cost of 4 lac ! This palace was used by Holkars for residential purposes, holding durbars, and for state ceremonies !!

After independence, the Rajwada palace was bought over by city’s businessman Mr. Dev Kumar Singh Kasliwal in 1974, at a price of 16 lacs ! After huge protests & uproar, it was taken over by Madhya Pradesh government and declared as a monument  ! The department of archaeology had then opened it to the public, for the first time, in 1976 ! However, in the national riots of 1984, Rajwada had once again succumbed to destruction, when most of the palace was destroyed in fire !!

The palace is built in an excellent combination of Maratha, Mughal and French styles of architecture with different portions constructed in various styles ! The lower stories are made up of stone and are painted in a dark colour, while the upper floor is made of wood ! The vast courtyard that is situated near the entrance is a centre for art exhibitions as well as classical music concerts ! Upon entering the palace, one can see bright, sun-lit quadrangles that are surrounded by beautiful galleries and delicate arches !!

A part of the palace is still maintained by the Holkar family’s trust, which has recently opened an exhibition centre on the Holkars and also, in a temple there, evening prayers are conducted everyday in Holkar tradition !!

The beautiful images of this iconic monument have been provided to us by Mr. Bhalu Mondhe, Indore's Rocking & Leading photographer !!

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Distance From :
Railway Station: 4.00 km
Bus Stand: 4.00 km
Airport: 8.00 km

User Rating & Reviews

Kabir June 22, 2020
 "Great place "
Great place of Indore. Situated in the the heart of City. Rajwada  wow. 
Mohini Pawar March 28, 2020
Rajwada is located center of the city. It is very crowded area surrounded by shops of clothes, jewellery, fruits, and restaurants. Rajwada is also famous for Rajwada Palace. This has become very old building and renovation work is in progress. In the night, sarafa market is converted into the food market. Many food stalls are opened and many varieties of tasty food are available. Indore is famous for its foodies.
Aditya JAin April 28, 2017
This is a historic place. must see the museum with old equipment and weapons in the palace. entering to the top rooms in the palace are banned because of the age of palace.
Vinay Agrawal April 28, 2017
 "Indore ki Shaan"
Traditional attire with deewan e khaas haal looking forward to the centre ground and knowing of how madhya bhaat was managed by holkars and development made with their efforts, understanding how royal the kings were and feel like special, once you enter the premises, you really wanna cherish memories that you were part of holkar's common public meeting by visiting...
Akash Jain April 27, 2017
 "Historical place"
Rajwada is the heart of Indore.
Its a historical place in the city and one of the famous tourist spot. This seven storied structure is a fine example of royal grandeur and architectural .
A very large market is here
shadab khan June 30, 2015
 "The Great Place of Indore"
The Great Place of Indore for Getting All Things
Jyoti Patni April 26, 2015
 "RAJWADA ! The Pride of Indore "
Its a historical place of Indore..
Our city Indore is famous for its history and that is Rajwada..
Indore ki Aan Baan Shaan !! 
Many Tourists comes to Indore to see Rajwada bt Rajwada needs some maintanance too..
people are not valueing our historical monument our respect.. they used to throw garbage and other waste at the side of walls.. 
Its our pride.. Don't pollute it.. 
keep it Clean.. 
Arnav Mittal September 14, 2014
 "It is a great historical monument, but maintenance is needed"
It is a great historical monument, but maintenance is needed. Walls & places need to kept clean, water marks, algae, etc. is there. 

There should also be more about the place - info. 

Light n Sound show is also needed. 
Yogesh kumar Sahagal September 07, 2014
 "Indore ki shaan"
rajwada means to Indore ki jaan ,we indorrue celebrate every event, festival ,match winning celebration at Rajwada, most amazing market of indore as I should say Super Market
shashank sharma August 02, 2014
One of a kind
Pritam Singh Patel August 02, 2014
 "Indore ki shaan "
rajwada is heart of indore, all celebration is enjoy at rajwad and specially rangpanchami is superb and attraction is whole rajwada market
Yashraj Dhillon July 21, 2014
An excellently constructed monument with a royal grandeur to it. Big part of our rich history.

Definitely a must visit place for all tourists.

Not to forget the shopping and the street food center it becomes at night.
Rokky April 21, 2014
Rajwada is the historical palace of the Holkars. It was built about two centuries ago and is located near the Chhatris in the main square. It is a seven storied structure, which serves as the living example of the grandeur of the Holkars. Rajwada stands in the centre of the city. The new palace is on the northern side, while the old palace stands in the old part of the town. The old palace is a multi-storied building which also serves as a gateway of the Rajwada. It stands amongst the crowded streets of the Kajuri Bazar and faces the main square of the city.
kk Indori April 21, 2014
 "Indore's pride"
Rajwada is icon of the Indore. Rajwada  was build by Subedar Malhar Rao Holkar and now Indores Icon.
Anay A February 06, 2014
The great Rajwada palace & fort of the Holkar rulers is Indore's identity & pride....
Sajal Sharma December 16, 2013
iqbal warsi December 11, 2013
 "Indore ki Jaan"
A must visit Place for all.
AMIT JAIN December 10, 2013
Heart of city
sachin shah December 05, 2013
 "pride of indore"
proud to be an indori
Vishal Surywanshi December 01, 2013
 "Good place"
Good place to visit.