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Khajrana Ganesh Mandir

Address: Khajrana Ganesh Mandir, Indore - 452001

Area / Landmark: Ring Road - Khajrana

Contact Us: +91-98270-69149

Category Attraction
Distance From
Railway Station: 15.00 km
Bus Stand: 5.00 km
Airport: 10.00 km

About Attraction

Built in the year 1875, during the reign of Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar, Khajrana Temple is a very famous and revered Ganesh temple in the country !!

An important pilgrimage center, Khajrana Ganesh temple in Indore is a devotees' delight !! It is believed that all the wishes would be fulfilled, after praying here !! Large numbers of devotees gather here on Wednesdays and Sundays to offer their reverence and prayers !!

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Location & Other Details

Distance From :
Railway Station: 15.00 km
Bus Stand: 5.00 km
Airport: 10.00 km

User Rating & Reviews

INDORE CITY November 20, 2023
 "jai shree ganesh"
khajrana ganesh temple is the Indore City best place to visit.
Kabir December 07, 2021
 "Jai Shree Ganesh ji"
Mohini Pawar March 28, 2020
 "Devotees of Lord Ganpati"
Khajrana Ganesh Mandir is very beautiful temple in Indore. Its cleanliness is excellent. The temple attracts devotees of Lord Ganpati. Its infrastructure is very well and very enough parking space has been developed very well. In evening it looks very pretty because of Colourful lighting. Campus wall gallery art very beautiful. Good place to visit shrines of other gods and goddess in one compound. Absolute divine experience visiting here. In campus many shops are available for Prasad mainly laddus and modaks.

Girish January 18, 2018
 "Best Place for Peace of Mind"
I do not have any write to review Shri Khajarana Ganpati Mandir, But in my view this is the only great place for reinventing your self, Just go and spend one hour you will be blessed by the grace of Shri Khajrana Ganesh.
Aditya JAin April 28, 2017
 "Khajrana Ganesh Mandir"
The mandir is really good it's a temple when u enter u feel peaceful!! It does a lot of charity as in feeding people for free which is the best you can do. Also the chanting by the pandit near the main idol is melodious and enticing. Apparently if u have a wish and u tie moli here it is...
Vinay Agrawal April 28, 2017
 "Jai Ganesh"

Beautiful temple , Ganesha devotees will feel blessed after reaching their , I visit every Wednesday to khajrana temple as we believe Wednesday is the day of lord Ganesha , very famous temple of Indore and a must visit for every traveller who comes to Indore.

Akash Jain April 27, 2017
Visiting Khajrana temple isnalsoma devine experience.I find lots of improvement each time I visit temple.
If you visit Indore, don't miss Khajrana.
CHINMAY October 21, 2015
 "shidhi vinayank"
shidhi vinayank  shree ganesh mandir is famous tample for all manokamna purn hoti hai yadi sache man se mangi gai murad jarur purn hoti hi hai
Pooja Verma April 25, 2015
 "best temple in indore"
khajrana temple is very big temple in indore its gives us feel good and the whole things about the temple is good like place , cleanliness huge space and the very testy prasad of ladduuu:) :)
Neeraj Mishra March 12, 2015
 "I love god"
I love god
kalpit February 19, 2015
 "visit to lord ganesha "
  very nice temple , but some time there are too many people and less no of ways to manage them . still calm and good place 
sunny adwani September 25, 2014
 "Relgious place khajrana ganesh"
khajrana ganesh very religous place all ur pray cum true there !!!
Durgashankar Rawat September 23, 2014
dev ganpati ke jai hoo
Yogesh kumar Sahagal September 07, 2014
 "beautiful temple"
Khajrana Ganesh temple is my all time favorite and I visit every Wednesday , all wishes completes when I go Khajrana Ganesh mandir
gannu ji rocks
Shailendra Parihar August 13, 2014
 "good Place"
Good Place ,Great Peace  Near By City ,
Pritam Singh Patel August 02, 2014
 "I love khajrana Ganesh"
Khajrana ganesh temple fulfils all the wishes in our life and it is very old ganesha temple of indore, The intresting thing is about temple is when any person buy new vehicle firstly he go to khajrana temple
all celebrities comes here a
Yashraj Dhillon July 19, 2014
 "Serene and peaceful."
Even though not a religious person or a believer in god, this temple is a great place to be for mental peace.

The temple is spread on a pretty big area on land and has some very good sculptures. 

Good place for religious people or tourists. Excellent place to be if you're looking for some mental peace away from the hustle of the city.
Rokky April 21, 2014
 "Blessing needed."
Every good work start first we have to go Khajran Ganesh Temple.
kk Indori April 21, 2014
 "Jai ho"
Jai shree ganesh
Palash Gupta December 22, 2013
 "ganpati bappa morya !!!"
Great, peaceful & historical place of Indore... must visit..
Bhupendra Patidar December 19, 2013
ganpati bapa motiya.....
indore ki sabse achi jagha h...
Sajal Sharma December 16, 2013
cherry jain December 11, 2013
 "jai ganesh :)"
danybdy who cms for d first time or stays in indore always visit khajrana temple .. 
AMIT JAIN December 10, 2013
 "awesome place"
peaceful place
sachin shah December 05, 2013
 "ganpati baappa moriya"
nice place so many god at one place....
Kaushik December 03, 2013
 "Jai Ganesha"
Jai Ganpati bappa
Vishal Surywanshi December 01, 2013
Feel blessed !!
devika November 26, 2013
 "Jai Shree Ganesh ji "
Famous tample of Indore of  Lord Shree Ganesh ji. 
Vipul Agrawal August 16, 2013
One of the most soothing place in Indore.. First visited in 2001 with a very close friend of mine and then made it a habit of visiting the place every Wednesday in Indore. So many temples, such a pleasant place with the auspicious environment. Specially love the "LADDUS", my friends having a liking for Motichur, and me loving those made from Besan... Special memories with the close ones, family, friends and many others. Always a place for Couples ;-)...But the serenity of this place is unmatched.

Sridhar Ra
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Gaurav Pachori
 "No Review"
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Gokul patel
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