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Indore Zoo (Kamla Nehru Praani Sangraahalaya)

Address: A. B. Road, near Central Museum Indore, Navlakhaa, Indore, MP, India - 452001

Area / Landmark: Navlakhaa /Central Museum Indore

Contact Us: +91-74404-42236, +91-72258-69026

Category Attraction
Distance From
Railway Station: 3.00 km
Bus Stand: 3.00 km
Airport: 9.00 km

About Attraction

Occupying an area of more than 51 acres, the Indore Zoo is home to a wide variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles, in a lush Green environment, right in the centre of the city !!

Timings:   09:00 AM to 07:00 PM (March to June)
09.00 AM to 06:00 PM (July to February)

Days:  Tuesday thru Sunday (Monday Closed)

Entry             :  Rs. 10.00 per person
Camera          :  ₹ 30.00 per equipment
Video camera  :  ₹ 50.00 per equipment

Known for its special species such as Hippopotamus, Himalayan Black Bear, Raccoon, and White Peacock, Indore zoo is also a centre for reproduction, protection, and exhibition of animals, plants, and their habitats !! The other prominent animals/reptiles at the Indore Zoo are Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Black Buck, Porcupine, Indian Monitor Lizard, Nilgaai (Blue Bull), Flying Squirrel, Crocodile, Ghariyaal, Sloth Bear, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Painted Stork, etc !!

There are total number of 57 animal species and around 628 specimens at Indore Zoo !! They are classified into following categories :

Birds             – 28
Reptiles           – 07
Herbivores       – 07
Felids               – 04
Canids             – 04
Mammals/Omnivores – 06

Birds of Zoo

White Peacock
Red Lorry
Blue Fronted Amazon
Golden Pheasant
Sauras Crane
Rosy Pelican
Alexandrian Parakeet
Bubo Bubo
Silver Phesant
Egyptian Vulture
Peach faced love bird
Masked Love birds
Guinea Fowl
Barn Owl
Lady Amherst
Black Kite
Roseringed Parakeet
Painted Stork
Plum headed Parakeet
Green Cheeked Conure
Khaleej Phesant

Reptiles of Indore Zoo

Green Iguana
Flap shell Turtle
Indian Rock Python
Monitor Lizard
Star Tortoise
Red ear Slider

Herbivores at Indore Zoo

Black Buck
Spotted Deer

Cat Family at Indore Zoo

Bengal Tiger
Asiatic Lion
Jungle Cat

Dog family at Indore Zoo

Indian Fox
Striped Hyena

Omnivores/Primate/Mammals at Indore Zoo

Hanuman Langur
Sloth Bear
Rhesus Monkey
Palm Civet

The various facilities and attractions, besides the animals, at the Indore Zoo include:

» Mirror House
» Butterfly Park » Museum » Children's Park » Cloak Room » Lawns
» Rest Areas / Sit-outs / Visitor Sheds
» First-aid facility
» Wheelchairs (10 nos. available free of charge)
» Toilets 
» Drinking water (free of charge)
» Food Zone / Chaat Choupati

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Location & Other Details

Distance From :
Railway Station: 3.00 km
Bus Stand: 3.00 km
Airport: 9.00 km

User Rating & Reviews

Mohini Pawar March 30, 2020
 "Indore Zoo"

It’s a nice place for spending 2-3 hours. It is situated in a prime location. Easily reach to zoo by I bus, cabs etc. I have seen many different kinds of animals and birds. Zoo is always crowded becoz people like to see animals and birds. The species are separated with another, u have easily spotted. Food and water is also available inside the zoo.

Prices are not much….mobile and camera allowed…4 wheeler parking problem...

Aditya JAin April 28, 2017
its popularly recognized as Indoor Zoo. Its not a big zoo having vast number of animals but a smaller one with limited kinds of animals. the entry is very cheap and it nice for animal lovers or families to spend for a hour or two.
Arnav Mittal September 14, 2014
 "Good collection of animals but place is dirty & info is less"
Indore zoo has very good animals, is in centre of the city, and has nice location.

But it has a problem of parking space thats occupied by vendors mostly.

Inside, it requires proper signage and is dirty and on Sundays, it is very crowded so people should be allowed to go in, in intervals. Or you should try to go on weekdays.